As you can see from my sketches I will be creating this page in the same way I did the last one, I will create it with the same style also, not only will this style suit as I will be able to create something more realistic looking therefore hopefully communicating how I wish to communicate but also it will be more consistent to have the whole book in the same style.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.52.07.png

For this the image I would like to try to create will be a unwell person being handed pills… This will be the “what we see” image.The image above shows my overall plan but as you can see the bottom images I have completed sketches that will help me to plan the way I will do this, I changed the composition of this as I felt it should be better to show 2 hands – 1 giving and 1 taken the pills and bank notes as this will be more understandable for the theme.

The overlay for this will consist of the hand taken bank notes, I think this will be an interest thought provoking image and hopefully would be clear enough to make people think is this all for the greater good of the public or is it all just a large money making scheme.. That is the plan for this outcome and hopefully by working out my images  I will be able to create something that communicated really clearly.

I have also completed some sketches that show the imagery I will strive to achieve for the moon landing and illuminati page also.

I will do this in the same way showing the initial page as the scene we saw for the moon landing on the news and then the layover image will show the scene in a film studio setting, I feel as if this is a good way to show it, Although there was a lot of different theories I felt it was important to show something that was widely believable and also something that provoked interesting imagery, I wanted to be inspired by the conspiracy theory and have enough ideas for this particular part rather than forcing ideas for one that wasn’t all that interesting.

The illuminati idea was to have a television with a child watching, I felt having a child in the image would empathise with the audience more as this is a very sinister conspiracy and felt this would work nicely, Although I was not looking to much to create something sinister and spooky as I wanted to challenge myself to make this a less heavy and something that would be interactive.

I will be doing this is a new style that I have found with my wacom tablet and in illustrator to create something really realistic and more believable rather than something sketch like I thought I would go with in the beginning of this project.

I have planned out what I need to create and given myself a time scale for each as this is a very time consuming illustration technique so I need to insure I am punctual.


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