Planning my souvenir book

I think although the illustrations are important I feel it is important for me to create something really interesting to look to hold my illustrations there for I wanted to plan the way this would be presented, As I am only creating a few pages of this booklet I wanted something that can be added to so that I can maybe create more for my portfolio. I started of by looking in my “packaging and design templates sourcebook” compiled by Luke Herriott.

Book Front.jpg

I initially thought that this is the sort of thing I would want to do for this project, A standard book. My thought is that for a project like this maybe it should be more creative.

Idea 1.jpg

I found this was much more creative and would leave someone with more of a usable souvenir, This would leave them with a poster as well as the informative leaflet, This is something I think may not fit the brief, Its more of  a flyer rather than book and the brief does state book, I think something else might be more appropriate.

Folded Poster .jpg

I found this which is very similar to the one before although it is more of a book that the one before, I still think it could be more clear. I think I need something more book like, Although I do like the idea of having something more souvenir like, Something the audience can interact with and keep.


I then found this, Which I LOVED!!! I think this would work really well, It can be added to and will make the information easily readable and smartly displayed.

Circle booklet.jpg


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