Kemi Mai – Digital Illustrator

I had a look into the work on Kemi Mai as inspiration. I think her work is really effective – It is very photographic and works really nicely as a style.
I believe she uses own photography and creates very photo realistic digital paintings, Her work is very concise and clear and creates emotion for the reader.
Having looked at lots of her work it has a really emotional feel but this is usually not happy emotions, It has sort of a grumpy feel although in a lot of her work she does have some very bright and interesting backgrounds.
Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 10.42.17.png
I feel this work is very creative and takes a lot of skill.
Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 11.02.33.png
It has been very useful to see some of these more in progress shots of Kemi’s work, It would appear that she will sketch the outlines and then possible hand select the colours or picks them up from the image itself and then would apply this to the image by painting strokes.
Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 11.03.53.png
Although some of the works are very “airbrushed” looking I think the ones that are a lot more effective in my opinion as it doesn’t look so photographic.

When comparing the two illustrations below I much prefer the one on the left, I think it is really effective and looks more hand painted which I think is very human and evokes more emotion into the audience, I really like the way she using a more clear and photographic style for commercial work to and using graphics to add innovative backgrounds to the work and modernise the painting techniques that she uses, I think it works really nicely.

I feel that the style she uses is very versatile and can be used across a wide variation of different styles.

I have drawn from this that digital painting can still be made creative and more importantly can actually be used commercially and in modern work, All digital painting I had seen was either very cartoony and game like or very old fashioned where as I feel I could use this on a variety of work, If I can try to learn a style similar to this I would be happy to use the idea of having lively modern backgrounds with a painted style as I can now see that this works really nicely.

Kami also creates some really stunning line and sketch illustrations which are very abstract and artistic, I don’t think they lend themselves to commercial use as much but still very effective and evoke emotion in an audience.




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