Aaron Griffin – Digital Painting

After finding an interest in the work of Kami Mai I realised that what I really want to experiment with for this project due to the time scale we have been given I really want to take it as an opportunity to try a new strong technique and to create some really different outcomes.

I found Aaron Griffin on Art Station and loves his style straight away, He creates some really strong portraits but this is not what stood out to me, I love the way that the artwork is very loose and natural.
As I have discovered in my other research I find that the more expressive  and loose paintings are a lot more effective in my opinion.

The piece below uses visual communication in my opinion to show the women in a cold atmosphere, He uses the ice like shard patterns in the background to create an icey and cold feel and also the colours he has used through out the piece gives these connotations and also the fact he has given her a little red  tint to her nose, I feel as if through the peice he has used cool colours which gives a nice chilly wintery feel, This has made me consider how you can portray an atmosphere through the colours and backgrounds you use. The edges are more fading out and the shapes are quite blurry where as in comparison to 2nd image I analysed was more strokey rather than blurred.
The only thing about this image that I find slightly distracting it the black mark in on the top right hand corner of the head which I think is to far from the hair to be part of the hair but its too dark to be within the background.
Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 11.44.51.png

The piece below is very interesting, It actually just looks like a portrait of a a women laughing but then you see the ear and my whole perception of this painting changed, It started to have completely differently and shows a more fictional and the dark lighting of a fictional space like atmosphere , I have portrayed this as almost a screenshot from a film like star wars etc.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 11.45.06.png

I think it is really interesting how this Aaron Griffin uses the backgrounds, Colours and elements in his artwork to portray a specific atmosphere and I feel as if this is something I could investigate for my own finals.

Something I also found interesting is that the subject of his portraits are never looking at the audience, This is interesting to me due to the fact that I thought this was something that would draw in an audience, I do think this makes the illustrations feel more soft and not so harsh in comparison to the other illustrations I have looked into to.


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