I decided I wanted to do some research into the role of illustration to get n understand of how illustration works to refine my communication in the imagery I create, I found this article below…

“A child is sensitive to pictures even before it can speak. This is not surprising if we consider that a baby easily distinguishes between its mother’s face and other familiar faces on the one hand, and strangers on the other hand. The child’s mother, sister, brother and the stranger can all be regarded as living and moving images. In the same way, a child will recognise a favourite toy or pet.”

“It is this same recognition that has led to the publication of picture books without words for toddlers and other children of pre-school age. These picture books have a series of pictures which tell a continuous story. For children of this age, the pictorial code is a more direct means of communication than the verbal code.”


I found this very interesting as although this is about children’s books it strikes the chord  that this is continued through out life as an adult too for lots of people, Don’t get me wrong there are some people that would prefer to read

“The moon landing has many conspiracy’s surrounding it  including that this was set up by american federations and that it was shot live from a studio for us to believe that this did take place when in fact it did not and was put on air purely to trick the general public or possibly to distract from other events”

Rather than seeing an image that illustrates this. Personally I think illustration can provoke more feeling and communicate the same message whilst also using tone, mood and style to communicate more clearly.

When illustration is successful and well considered it should portray a more clearly communicated image than text should. In my opinion you can communicate something very differently with illustration than text. I feel by using the correct colours and styles etc this should resonate more with something, You also have more ground for creativity! Text and written pieces are very matter of fact where as with illustration the audience has a certain amount of leeway, This would be based on the individuals ideologies and beliefs.
I also think illustration gives more room for creativity in an audiences reaction to piece as this can be viewed in different ways by different people.

Illustration is something we have been using for years to communicate, The earliest form would be cave paintings, Neanderthals left paintings on cave walls as warnings,information and even stories.
Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 16.15.21.png

This would communicate to other members of there tribes or families.As you can see below this was sometimes to warn of animals or tell stories of where they caught food etc.
Sometimes this would be to tell tales of what they had done etc.
This just shows that this has been a valid form of communication for years and continues to be knower days.

People use illustration to communicate and express themselves, People do this in many ways including Graffiti, Artists books, Paintings, Graphic Design etc.

From this research I think the role of illustration is important and would define it as being a valid form of communication and sometimes can be more appropriate for a project that text. Sometimes illustration can bring more interest to something that text ever could and create a wider understanding for an audience.



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