As usual I started of by sketching some ideas and getting an idea of what theories I might represent in my finals.
As you can see I looked at a lot of different conspiracy theories, It was important for think about visuals due to the fact I had chosen illustration and wanted to complete something that was very interesting so I started to sketch out my ideas and how this could be illustrated.
I decided very early on that I would like to demonstrate 3 separate conspiracy theories as I feel this well create the most interest for the audience, In my opinion if I created 3 pages on 1 conspiracy theory I would run out of imagery to use and information to portray.
I also think it will be more interesting to be able to a style and make this coherent thought the pieces  alternatively I could use this as an opportunity to try different styles and find a different style to accompany each conspiracy theory I chose to represent in my finals.
The idea on the bottom left hand corner is that I will show the image in a new way so that is thought provoking for the audience, The idea would be to make an image of the conspiracy theory (for example the moon landing) and I would show this with elements that would force the audience to realise how this could be different to what they initially thought or show the conspiracy theory that is believed by people.
For the moon landing I would show some cables holding the moon and astronaut and maybe a rocket up and some lights which would make it seem as if it was being shot in a  studio, I may even include a camera or something like this, I feel this would be very thought provoking and maybe also quite humorous, I do not want them to be too heavy or mysterious I would like to inject a bit of humour in as I feel this makes it more of a approachable subject for the audience. I will continue to look into some styles and work out what the best way would be to illustrate these to fit the theme, The moon landing is going to be my first one to illustrate I think as I have the most ideas for this so it feels like the best way to get started.


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