I wanted to start of by looking into some styles of illustration that might be interesting for this project as I wanted to try something new for this project as I feel the topic lends itself to an array of different techniques, I started of looking at something very loose and sketchy, This is what my initial sketches gave me inspiration for, I felt this could actually work really nicely for the topic, I also had the idea that I could make it look like blue prints as really a conspiracy theory how ever much research is behind it, Its still actually just a figure of somebodies imagination and this is something I thought the sketchy, Loose feel would help to portray.

I really do like the more sketchy really simple illustrations although I do feel like this can be a slightly more safe option and I would like to demonstrate my skills in illustration and challenge myself more having done some more simple illustration work before now.
Although the illustrations are really interesting and could would really well, I feel this might be to much of a mature topic and audience for this type of illustration, I love the line drawings and think these can also be really really effective but I just think will this be too simple to portray my theme.

I then decided I would look at something completely on the other end of the spectrum, this is a very realistic more life like type of illustration. This would usually be done by building up layers of shade and colour and using simple shapes in different colours very slowly building an image, This is something I have only really tried with doing low poly art, Which I find really interesting and actually works really nicely, I do still want something that looks more sketchy that this,not so life like. I am a bit of a stickler for clean and sharp design and sometimes forget that something looser and more creative can work really nicely so I don’t want to rule this out but I would like to do something more creative with my final piece or maybe use a technique like this but incorporate something less corporate and stiff and more creative or hand sketched looking.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 16.18.22.png

I found this which I really love, This is really different, This is a more vectored looking final and this would also be made with shapes in something like illustrator but it is just more solid and cartoon like rather than being life-life and almost picture like.


I will start doing some drawings in different styles and try to pick up on the styles I would like to incorporate, Even possibly looking about how I can incorporate different styles and how a 2 different styles might work nicely together.




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