Protest poster research – Illustration

I have done some research into protest art, This is essentially what we are doing.
Conspiracy theories are essentially the same thing as its part of propaganda.
We are essentially trying to demonstrate/convince somebody of one side of an argument.

This one below is really interesting, It is trying to protest against women getting the vote, This is an interesting style of illustration. It is very simple and effective and I think the eye makes it more personable and draws the audience in, There is a lot of symbolism in the image. The doves in the eyes are a symbol for freedom and also it using red a lot in the image to symbolise aggression and anger.
The straight on face makes for a very striking image and makes people feel more connected to the piece.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 15.17.35.png
This image is very powerful,It is very different to the first image. It shows brutality and would give this feel to the audience to give a strong impact.Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 15.18.29.png

Although this research is simple I feel it has helped me to realise that an image doesn’t have to be really gory or shocking to be hard hitting and interesting – This is something I will take forward to get an idea for how I will complete this project, I also love the idea of including eyes and I have the potential for this in my illuminati spread – I feel this really helps to connect an audience.














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