Having just walked out of our final presentation with the client I wanted to blog about there feedback whilst it was fresh in my mind, My presentation for the client is shown below.

The clients feedback was overall positive, Although very brief as they had to get all students they explained that they really liked the idea of the fruit on the floor as a constant reinforcement of the campaign, They liked the main idea behind my work.. They seemed impressed that I have done good research and fruit placement was good (except from the fact that pineapples apparently grow in greenland now, My bad). I explained to the client that this was an easy fix.
The liked the way to campaign worked as a whole.
Another point they mentioned was that they liked the fact I had used an illustration of a factory worker because it made it more personal.
I explained in my presentation previous to this comment the reason I decided to do this and that my idea developed from an illustration of the factory its self to an illustration of a worker at the factory.
They asked if we had any questions at all, I did ask whether who ever got picked would get time to work directly with the directors to refine there art work, I wanted to insure that I would get an opportunity to prefect this.
I also asked about time frame of when we would find out who would be taking there ideas further with the client, They said this would be within the week, I wanted to make account of these to insure that I still had the project in hand before moving on completely and forgetting about the project, Hence the records of this to insure I have something to come back to.


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