Ethics of this project


When it comes to the ethics in this project, I wanted to reflect upon if there would be anything that would come up in this project that did not sit comfortably with my ethics, This is something I am trying to practice throughout my learning and development with design jobs to insure that I am not just mindlessly doing jobs and miss something that I do not want to part take in.

When it comes to the company that are the clients of this project I think it can only be a positive thing that they are taking responsibility for there waste and trying to improve this area of the company although something that did become apparent upon our visit to the factory was that there was lots and lots of waste that was actually created by the retailers and supermarkets they provide fruit too, Not only because of the expectations from consumers to have the “perfect” fruit or is this an assumption from the retailer?It was very clear that the retailers have such high standards and only the best fruit can be used, I can agree with this health and safety and maybe even taste wise but when it comes to the specifics, some of the demands can be extremely wasteful.

My thoughts about this was would it then be unfair to target a campaign at the workers even if this was not there fault but… I came to the conclusion that it cannot be a bad thing to do to start small and get the small issues solved then maybe other people will start to think differently.


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