Development – Illustrative Style Decisions

After deciding I wanted to keep my illustrations simple I had to find a style that had a good turn around time, as I wanted to do a more vectored and corporate style as I feel this fits this brief.
Not only is it clear and easy to read for all nationalities, When something is very visual I think you need to be the closest thing to simple as possible, Anything abstract at all would not work with a brief like that although this can be brilliant and work really well for some projects that just would not work for this brief in my opinion.

As you can see above I have experimented with watercolour effects etc to gain more of an idea of how I would do this as although I want something simple I don’t just want a flat looking vector as I feel this would make it even more clinical and sterile so I would like it to be very “human-like” and something bright, Interesting and maybe something with texture.

I decided I would use a pomegranate as this is probably the most difficult one to understand so I thought if I established a style on this I would be able to spread across the rest of the fruit artwork.

I used a photograph of a pomegranate to get an idea for colour and how I would draw this.

I first tried just line art and then tried just a really simple,modernist, watercolour look, I did this on illustrator with the pencil tool just copying elements of the photograph and then just took colours from the image and turned the opacity down and painted naturally.

Although I like this and thought it would work nicely to bring a more realistic feel I think it looks slightly untidy could be misconstrued by the staff.

I also thought that the one on the left (the uncut pomegranate) could be seen as a tomato, Orange, Sharon fruit and lots of other rounded fruit, This is not ideal especially when aiming to create something really easily understood, For this it is the inside of the fruit that will identify the fruit, This is something I will need to consider.. With things like Bananas, Strawberries, pineapples etc etc will be easily recognisable but I am going to have the other fruit drawn as the inside rather than lots of round fruits.

This experiment has confirmed that I definitely want to reduce everything to the simplest form when it comes to my illustrations.

I have still used the colours and shapes from the photograph but I have managed to do this a lot more simplistically, I have reduced this right down to its simplest form.The way I did this was starting with the simplest simplest form of the fruit by just using the colour and shape and then add small details until I am happy that it can be understood.
I will do this for all the fruit, I made it out of shapes that I just picks from the negative space in the imagery.
As you can see as the illustration changes throughout, I started with the pips being very flat and just ordinary colour but then added a radial gradient to insure there was some depth, I feel this gives the shiny feel which would make the connotations more strong for a pomegranate, I will continue to do this for the rest of my illustrations on my list.



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