I wanted to start of by gathering an idea of the sort of illustration style I would use, I thought I would refine my research by looking into maps and how people had portrayed the same information I wanted to already.

This is the first example I found, I think this is super effective, I think this is a map in its simplest form and it works really really well.

I feel this is something I could aim to achieve with my finals, this would also fit the constraints that this brief places on us as designers, In my opinion the main constraints of this brief would be

– Targetting different nationalities
– Time

Although something like this example may still bed difficult to use for this project due to the amount of english used there would be ways of working round this, Possibly even illustrating landmarks to make it more visual rather than having road names but I think the simplicity of this makes it work a lot better for this particular brief.


I think this example below is also very effective but completely contrasting, The example is a lot more loose, Less digital and more detailed although I think I still think this is pretty simple but in a completely different way.
This is by an artist/designer called Livi Gosling (link below) who creates hand illustrated art work that is then rendered and neatened digitally or even just combined digitally, I think this style could work really nicely in conjunction with my brief due the fact that the small illustration are more visual and would give someone more idea of what they were looking at if they could not speak the language.

Map .jpg

This example shows a style that is somewhere between the 2 previously shown really, It is still quite handrawn and illustrative looking but is simple and clear, not so “watercoloury” (I’m sure thats not a word but….. You know what I mean haha)
This is a style that might be work well for my final as it still feels “human” and handmade so it will add a new dimension to the very clinical environment of the factory.

I think although this looks a bit crowded for my liking it would be a good all round peice to use for inspiration, Not only will draw attention of the workers as it will be a very different brightly colours addition to the factory but in my opinion will also please the directors (our clients) as I will be able to make this slightly more corporate and clean looking than I would with a sketchy, More illustrative style, I am also a lot better at vectored art work so this would suit my personal skill set and style more.

The British Isles Map .jpg


















Illustrated Maps by Bek Cruddace




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