It doesn’t need to be said that there are SOOOO many styles of illustration out there, The trick is to find the one that suits your skill set and try to adjust this in a way to fit your client and the brief.

This is a lot easier said than done, Even just typing into the internet “illustration” you get so many results…. As you see here.

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 22.02.07.png

My aim for this post is to research into some as potentials for my project and try to work out what I might go for.

Something I initially thought about when I heard the project was watercolour as I thought this might look good to illustration a more human feel and this is defiantly a trend at the moment in design and illustration.
A particular style I noticed was on The Great British (Believe it or not).I really liked the way they did these illustrations… I thought they were really effective, they use the sketchy watercolour like illustration but make it look really neat and you can tell that this is refined digitally.
I would love to text this sort of illustration at some point although thinking realistically I’m not sure this would work for this project, I think its too “artsy” and not corprate and clear enough for this particular project although it is something I am going to give a go at some point during the illustration modules.

I then came across something that was completely at the other end of the spectrum, this is a really Simplistic, Modernist, Minimalist style.
This style is actually believe or not quite hard to achieve, You have to give as little as possible but enough to make it understandable,This is vector stripped right back and creates a simple and legible style when done cleverly.
The example I have shown below give a feel for just how simplistic this style of illustration can be, It gives just enough away to make it clear and literally brings the object/concept to its simplest form possible, I think these work really nicely and give a really slick and simple finish.
The illustrations are by Handsome Frank Illustration, This is an agency that represent different illustrators  art work is of this really simple style. I use there page a lot for inspiration from different artists.
This could work really nicely for my finals, It would make it really clear and make a lot of sense for anyone reading the campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 22.21.52.pngscreen-shot-2016-11-29-at-22-21-07








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