After meeting with the client for feedback after the presentations were over we gathered that he really liked the idea of the “Journey” and making the workers feel as if they were part of a link in a chain.
He also was very keen on the style of illustration that was shown in our presentation, the reason I liked this style of illustration was because it felt very “human” and I feel this counteracts the environment that we had seen when we visited the factory as its very clinical and corporate there, Having chosen illustration as my option for the project this is something I will have to consider.
I think personally the best route to go down with this project is to insure that I am trying evoke a sense of pride or care in there job there fore insure people will not waste rather than feel forced or guilty.
I want to make this a really positive campaign as I feel even though the working facilities at this particular factory are fine it would always be nice to have something positive and fun in the work place to look at or be part of.
I am looking forward to getting started with this project.. I will start with research and then go on to pulling some ideas together and creating a final ready to present to the client.


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