As soon as we got this brief I knew I wanted to create something very visual, Further more deciding what approach I would take I started to think about things and symbols that are international I started to think about numbers and distances and symbols, These are all things that are very international and people of all nationalities would understand.

From distances it got me thinking about maps.. I decided I would create some sort of illustration of each fruit and then illustrate small maps of each country to pin point the journey that the fruit has taken, I could even include distance in miles travelled to the factory. I would do a small factory illustration to have something to make the final feel interactive, As if they are part of the campaign, Or possibly a little illustration of the worker.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 21.29.41.png

This idea then developed, To make it even more simple and clear I decided I would have the map background as a map of the world and have lines that link back to the factory.
I would still include some illustrations of the factory and fruit but have it with a different layout.

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 21.31.58.png

(This Idea is not specific to places and fruit, I will work this one after I have peformed some research to insure my facts are correct)

I think this idea will make for a clear and inclusive final mainly because I gathered from my previous research that a map is something that anyone can understand so feel this would be a more visual way of showing this.


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