In our groups we were told we should come up with a campaign idea we would then pitch this to the client who is the manager at the factory and he would decide what lines he would like to go down, We would then be responsible for going of individually and tying this in with our project option so mine would be photography.

I was put in a group with James, Dan, Sarah, Ed, Luke & Connor.

Something I suggested and we were all in agreement with was the fact that we need to keep it as visual as possible as we want everyone to feel included in the campaign.

We starting to brainstorm a few ideas to get a feel for what we might want to call our campaign and how we would go about it.

We looked into different techniques of getting our message across to our audience as this is the most important thing with a campaign that the message is spread in the correct way.

We looked into K.I.S.S “keep it simple, stupid” this is a tool where by you insure that nothing in the finals you produce are misinterpreted,This technique is wear you create your artwork with the thought that the audience are stupid and would have no idea what you were talking about, although this is not the case it is best in design not to make assumptions.

We also decided to consider the TONE OF VOICE, In my opinion this is the most important consideration when it comes to a campaign as it will ultimately make the decision as to weather someone will engage or not and this is what makes a successful campaign or not.
We had a bit of  a debate in our group as there was some people thinking that it may be an idea to make the workers feel guilty therefore insuring they change the way they think, After much debate we decided this was not a good idea, we as a group managed to agreed upon having a different tone of voice to this and going for something more polite, encouraging and NOT condescending.
Our PRIMARY idea was to empower the workers, Try to get them to take pride in the work rather than incentives.
We started to think about how we were going to illustrate this in a visual campaign.
We decided we wanted to illustrate the VALUE of the fruit, As when we met with the client (operations manager at the factory) he was saying how he tries to highlight to the workers the importance of the waste by making it visual and showing what the money they lose on waste could buy them in a year, month and day.. I did feel this was a good way of doing it but considering these people aren’t on huge wages this may not mean anything in there life so I feel it may be better to try to change the attitude to it in a general sense.
Something we also have to consider is that there a lot of different languages spoken in the factory so we would have to use minimal type and a lot of universally under stable symbols.
We wants to provoke the emotions of Pride, Care and Professionalism in there work.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 10.02.03.png

We started to think about visuals and how we could do this for our presentation to the client.This shows a time


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