We have been asked for our first options project to incorporate our option (photography) into our new brief.

Our new brief is to create and design a campaign to cut down waste at a local fruit factory that prepare fruit for lots of large retailers.

The first things we started to consider before we visited the factory was…


After speaking to our tutor we have established that our audience is the workers.We are trying to make them more conscious when it comes to dropping strawberries & grapes etc.
We will be having a visit to the fruit factory to watch the process but we are not aloud to have the whole class there so whoever gets chosen will present some pictures to the rest of the class.


We will go to the factory with an open mind and see what we feel, I want to insure that I establish the best way to advertise it to the workers there and try to work out how it might be to work there.


Something I have already started to consider is that the workers are probably not in there dream job, They are probably on minimum wage and I wouldn’t guess it would be the best job to work in. I can imagine its going to difficult to motivate people in that sort of job to feel positive about there job and take pride in there work.


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