Essay Brief

“You must write an essay of 2,000-2,500 words on a topic of your choice from the list below.

When selecting your topic you must consider the DETAIL, rather than presenting a chronological list. Each essay title will require a specific case study or two from which to draw wider conclusions. In other words, do not try to write about everything in history but choose a movement, artist, a smaller time period, an aspect of an issue and so on, on which to focus your debate. Within this wider case study you can then include “sub case studies” of specific imagery, artefacts and so on from which to draw out comments about style and meaning.

You should reflect on this topic in a critical manner, demonstrating your own independent research into it.

As well this you must describe how your own design practice stands in relation to the topic. While some essays may address this throughout, if yours does not you may prefer to use the last 500 words or so to discuss this section. In the main body of the essay you must use the third person (“it was found that”) but if you use a small last section ONLY, in this last section about relating your topic to yourself, you are permitted to use first person (“In my design practice I do such and such”).

You must include labelled imagery of specific design pieces mentioned in your text, as well as images of your own design work. Make sure that these are fully labelled and referenced. As well, you should label each image fig. 1; fig. 2 (etc), in the order in which they appear in your text. Embed images, do not include as a separate item.

Include a full bibliography in the Harvard style. “

Having read this a few times through, I have thought about how I could do this in the most organised and time effective way of doing this whilst running along side my other briefs, I will leave time to ensure that I have time to proof read and also ensure I have time to effectively research to back up everything written in my essay with effective case studies and research, I don’t want to write about something I haven’t been informed really well in.

We then had to choose the topic we will write on.


  1. In what ways has design of the past challenged mainstream norms?
  2. In what ways has technological innovation and development posed a threat to graphic design or given it an opportunity to flourish in new directions?
  3. Compare and contrast instances of propaganda and/or design activism.
  4. In what ways have the debates about the benefits or disadvantages of either machinery or hand-craft manifested in graphic design?
  5. In what ways has sustainability been an active issue in the graphic design of the past and the present?
  6. Discuss the role and/or status of graphic design [“commercial art”] in relation to the other arts and crafts.
  7. In what ways have visual communication and/or graphic design experiments been used to convey meanings about Utopia or a better world?
  8. Discuss the representation of either women or race in historical and/or contemporary graphic design.

I have decided I will be writing my essay based on number 8.

  1. Discuss the representation of either women or race in historical and/or contemporary graphic design.
    I will be writing about the representation women in graphic design.

I have chosen this title as this suits me the best and also fits nicely to inform me of things I have been working on in the past few months with other projects and is something I am very passionate about therefore feel it will keep my interest for longer and give me the ability to research with a lot more interest.
This is something massive in Graphic Design and something I am excited to start researching.






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