Final Composition – Keith Lemon Branding

I am happy with my final branding, I think its really suiting and works nicely to fulfil the brief. I am pleased that I decided to challenge myself as this really is not something I have done before, A lot of other branding I have done has been similar, Quite simplistic and modern as this is what works in todays market, I had to tie my knowledge for this together with something more bright and detailed.
Due to not having an awful lot of knowledge designing something like this I decided I would do some research into art and design movements that incorporated this kind of design, Having discovered that pop art would work really well with this sort of design I looked into the colours and accent patterns I could use to achieve something similar to this look, Although I found inspiration from this I did not want to copy this completely therefore used divergent thinking techniques,My findings included some really modernist designs with features of the persons personality or looks being utilised to create a really effective logo, This wasn’t something I had thought of before so decided I would try it with these logos, This was the logo I developed in the end due to how effectively it communicated. The pop art colours fit really well with the theme as they are mostly primary therefore fit well with the bubbly, bright feel of his character.
I created a few bits of ephemera on this mock up but will be looking into what would be appropriate for his particular branding.
FINAL - KL Branding .jpg


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