I started this brief of slightly puzzled, worried and a little bit uncertain as I could not think of a style that would suit such a big character without creating something really tacky and bright, The first thing I did was blogged and got thinking of how I could create something interesting and different to what I usually do.
I decided I would look into the evolution of typography and branding to give me a basis for my design style.
I then grabbed a pen and went straight to drawing insuring that my design process was reflected clearly in my blog to look back on, I did the same with the key elements of the brief just to make sure I was covering every base.
Pop art sort of came out of my development by mistake, I had asked on a Design forum I am part of what reminded people of Keith Lemon, Someone mentions his wacky shirt which made me think of using bright, wacky patterns and colours.
As I started to sketch things there was a theme of it being quite explosive and right and, well … popping.
The colours I had in mind where primary colours and therefore the image in mind was something similar to pop art, where my design style is more modern than this usually I decided I would try to incorporate the two styles into my finals, I didn’t want it to look like a hybrid of the two styles though, I wanted it to be a style of its own and still be clear and effective, Using clean lines and simple shapes to give the desired effect I also incorporated colours and accent patterns to incorporate the pop art feel that I was after.
My design process for branding is very broad, I think very divergently to start of with coming up with lots and lots of ideas and having lots of treatments and then depending on the constraints of the brief and in other circumstances input from the client etc. I would choose which one I preferred and was most fitting or suitable for the brief.
I narrowed my options down by thinking about firstly
– Is this how Keith Lemon would like to be branding (although he would probably like to branded by very rude words and inappropriate imagery.. that brings me to my next point is
– would this be suitable for the brief??
– Is this something ethically that I want to put out with my name by??
These were all things that were imperative in my opinion, I did think about incorporating something very crude into the branding as I felt it almost needed this to be classed as something Keith Lemon would have liked but decided against this, firstly because I believe that something going out with you name beside it should be slightly more appropriate, second to this I felt to fit the brief effectively I still wanted it to be considered, well-designed and well-finished.
I feel a huge plus in this project is the outcomes I have created, I think they are effective and bright an eye-catching without being tacky, I feel through my research and development I have fulfilled the brief effectively and made the most of having a very different project.
I found this project very interesting to be able to take and utilise a past art movement and create something that still looked modern and polished in my finals, I feel as if this project has helped me to push myself as it is not something I would usually do and explore movements and styles I would not usually consider a valid choice, I loved doing something slightly more light-hearted and fun as I feel it didn’t have lots of rules and gave me more artistic license.
I did have a couple of things I would change (and may change for my final portfolio work).
I would have liked to insure that the backing dots where more accurate and looked more consistent throughout different ephemera, this was something I was experimenting with as have not used these sorts of patterns before, I wished the edged had been more polished to insure I did not have different cut of points on the patterns.
I would have also changed the compliment slip headers slightly to insure that they were more legible mainly because we the dots poke of different parts of the darker blue writing you can see it blurs the lines between background and text.
Overall I am really happy with my outcomes and think it all works really nicely along side each other and you can see the elements running clearly through each one.


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