After deciding on the style I wanted my business card, I thought if I found the right style in this I could save myself time by just creating the rest of the ephemera to compliment the business cards.
I started on my letterhead this was my first idea, I kept it really simple and took elements from my business card to insure that it was very similar, I added the line underneath the logo to separate them as the initial one was far to simple.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 09.55.20.png

I then decided I needed to add the dots I had used on the business cards to create the same pop art look, I tried it in a few different places and preferred the one with it behind the logo as this made more sense, It was a lot more legible, Behind the writing was way to confusing and this was the same upon test prints.
I think the good thing with branding is once you have a good idea of how your brand should look it can be easily applied on to different things.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 09.56.50.png

I also tried it with it centre aligned to gather an idea of how this would look but decided it was best with the left aligned as this is standard for letterheads and thought it looked more professional.

This is my final letterhead, I am really happy with this and think the ephemera fits really nicely and works in cohesion to create the vibe I was looking to achieve.

Letterhead KL .jpg


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