Business Card Development


At first I tried something really out there and very pop art, I actually thought this suited his personality although I feel its just to much especially for small printed business cards.
I feel this is way to much, Upon feedback from my peers and my own feelings on it I think it would be best to try something slightly more simple, I thought I would strip it completely back to its simplest form and see what I end up with as this is sort of the style of the logo.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 19.16.37.png

I do like this but I felt there was to much white space and although I did consider a solid colour I felt this was very generic and still find it boring, I tried a reverse out version but felt this was too modern and not in your face enough for this client, I felt it could do with slightly more colour to keep people captivated.
I also have to consider factors such as printing costs and printing ethics, This could be a constraint that you are given by a client, this could be a very pricey job.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 10.26.28.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 10.27.03.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 10.31.03.png

I was still coming to the conclusion that it was to boring and did not portray my character bold enough as this is what would suit is personality most although in the future if this logo was being passed over to a client or another designer this may be a good way to portray a more serious side to him, I am really happy with how versatile the logo would be as this is something I try to take into to consideration when designing a logo.

I decided it might be good to try and incorporate the different colours from the pop art swatch in a different way without flooding everything with colour so I decided to make a type hierarchy and colour the titles separately.
I wanted to stick to the red’s, orange’s and yellow’s as I felt this portrayed him best because of his hair and wacky outfits really nicely, I might introduce the blues in small areas because this hints at the celebrity juice branding.Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 10.49.01.png

I really like this version although I still felt that it was missing something, I tried adding some backgrounds into it, I wanted to add something to create more interest I felt like I had not used enough of the pop arty feel, I decided to add some dots in the background.
This was the final outcome, I’m really happy with it, I think it gives the right feel for his brand, I think the dots just added something.
This style will follow in the rest of my designs for my other ephemera, I just created the back using elements from the front in different positions and mirrors the centre aligned element from the logo.



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