Can we portray character through typeface??

Can I portray Keith Lemons personality by using the correct typeface?
Well this is something I have been trying to investigate.I ruled out straight away using something delicate and floaty to portray his personality, From him being a brash and crude comedian this just wouldn’t be appropriate as you can see below.
I also tried in my sketches to use something modern and minimalist that I would usually lean towards in a branding briefs but this just did not suit at all.

After plenty of research into my illustration styles and also typographic styles and I came to a conclusion that something slightly pop art/comic related would be unique and effective therefore I have started looking into some typefaces that I thought would fit with this theme.
Here are my results.
I found those of results for this that where really interesting and I thought would work really nicely for my final, I thought that possibly the more capital, bold, large fonts would work better to communicate my connotations, This will communicate a brash, bold personality and I feel this is really effective for Keith Lemon.
I am not keen on the 4th typeface down for this particular project mainly because it would not really fit with the brash, pop art feel Im going for.



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