I started this activity of by making a list as seen at the top of the attributes that I had discovered with my research, This included fake tan, big curly ginger hair, moustaches and lemons to reflect his name etc.
I then started to pick out these as smaller elements and incorporate them into a simplistic logo design, The ones I feel are most effective are the first one with the lemon and the moustache, I think that works really nicely to represent not only his character but his personality.
I think they both represent the sort of silly, funny, playful side, I did think I wanted to represent something slightly crude as I feel this is a huge part of his character  but this is very difficult to do without it being inappropriate and I’m not sure this is ethically right, especially if it is in the public domain and something children can see.
I feel as if introducing this in a very small and not so crude way so it would just suggest    it to the more mature market without being too inappropriate.
I think his personality is quite brash therefore I think it would work best to use something like the comic book fonts shown below, this also matches his sort of slap stick comedy.
Also drawing and working out styles has made me think that a pop art sort of style might work really nicely for this project, I got this inspiration firstly from looking at the celebrity juice branding which reminded me of 80’s art work and also when I started doing his catch phrase and also the bold patterns in his shirts connoted the same sort of cheesy bright colours but without it being too tacky, this is something I will definitely need to refine as I want to give this feel but create something really unique by making it slightly pop art but in a modern style, this is not something I have seen before.
Having seen the ones with a slim modern san serif typeface I do not think this fits with the character very well at all, it is too sophisticated and modern I think its too “quiet” if that makes sense, I want something that seems load and brash like his character.


4) Developed a greater awareness of the connotations of typeface choice and be able to justify decisions across a wide range of applications. (half completed with this blog post)


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