Andy Warhol – Colour

I was inspired for these pieces, I wanted to find a way I could use bright popping colours without it being tacky and I think these are very effective pieces and although it has been around for years it is very modern and abstract, I think it is very difficult to use these sorts of colours in work but I do feel as if this is so effective this have inspired me to give it go for this project.
I also further from this wanted to find some dot work used in pop art, I think this is really effective for adding different colours and patterns into the work and I love this sort of work to suit this project.


I really like this type of photographic design, I think it works really nicely and this is something I could do to represent the look of Keith Lemon as I feel like this is something that his character relys on throughout his career.
I had actually seen an illustration like this on celebrity juice.
It is just a graphic that is used for one of the games they play on the panel show but I think it would be really interesting to try to coincide the two together for him.
Again I think the colours will work very very nicely with his fashion sense and style and even his character would connote something really colourful I feel.








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