80’s Design – Eye catching or tacky?

This is the first logo I have looked at, this is very 80’s and is exactly what I meant when I said it is slightly gordy although I feel this is actually effective, It is designed well and is clear and easy to read. I definitely would not put these colours together generally but I do think its effective and gives that feel of fun and brightness that Im looking for with my design, this is still slightly tacky but it does give me inspiration for my designs.Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 21.00.41.png

This example is slightly different mainly because it is meant to look 80’s, it uses the great technology and design principles we have now with the processes and inspiration from 80’s design, I really like this combination and this is more something I wanted to implement in my finals for this project.
These colours again are not something I would put together but its definitely something I am interested in trying, this will help me to add some more variation into my portfolio.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 21.00.52.png


The image below is something Im actually really inspired by and think this dot work could potentially work nicely with the theme and colours I’m thinking of using.


pop art .jpg

This has inspired me to look into pop are, mainly because I think this was a massive movement in the 80s and will work really nicely to compliment the theme of this project.

Source –


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