Branding Styles

I wanted to start of by looking at different styles of branding, this is because I think for kith lemon I will be going for a completely different style of branding than the usual style I would go for,, I think I will be going for something more colourful and busy that usual as I feel this is what sorts his personality and line of work.

I think this branding below is very interesting although it is not directly related to the branding project I just want to get a feel for different types of branding.
I like the way that the colours are not typically used colours in branding but work really nicely, I think this is similar to the colour palettes I will be using as I think the bright colours will work well to portray his character.

I like the way this is modern without being the typical minimal design that is in a lot of branding at the moment, I feel like Keith Lemon would want something slightly more of the wall and unique as this is his personalty from what I can gain.

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 11.48.36.png

The branding below is very simple and minimalist but also very stylistic. I think this has become very fashionable to create these simple fonts, I don’t think this is going to suit Keith lemon very much as he is very out the box and I’m not sure this would suit him , this is something I am trying to consider deeply this factor as the brief is very specific to creating the brand how your client wants to be branded.
I do think you need to make a logo minimalist to a certain extent so that it is easily visible when scaled down for websites / business cards but this does not mean it has to be in this fashionable style, I really like the way the business cards are made, I think they work really nicely with the simple layout and I love the foiling.


I think this branding is very interesting, its not something I would have usually looked at but within this project I have considered this kind off pattern anyway as I think something more busy and brash would make the design suit him slightly more.

Fluer .jpg




(2) Developed a deeper understanding and evaluation of solutions to a design brief that encompass set criteria.

(5) Developed an increasing awareness of contemporary typographic trends and innovative developments.


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