I have been trying to think into celebrities and how they have been branding in the past, I do not think it is a very common thing done by celebrities, they are not usually branded with a logo and business cards etc, they are usually promoted from the events they attend etc.
The only one I could think of who was really branded with a logo was Will I Am

I found his logo, this is based on power which is one of his first released song as a single artist.I really like this, I think it represents not only his style as a musician but also the way he presents himself fashion wise.
He dresses very simple and slick, Although I do feel as if this does not represent his personality as I have seen him the “The Voice”. This could have been a conscious choice by the designer as it is possible they only wanted to represent him for his work as a musician rather that an entertainer.
Having thought more about Keith Lemon, as he is an entertainer I think his personality is a massive part of his job, I will be branding his as “comedian and entertainer” so I think it would be best to show some of his personality in my designs for him.

I did manage to find a lot of logos for bands, I think the ones that make the most impact and have been famous over the years are the simplistic ones, in my opinion a logo should always be pretty minimal, You can also see the influences the designer has taken from the audience that is associated with this band.
This little mix one is probably my least favourite which is strange because I think I am probably the type of audience this is targeted towards.
I think the coldplay one is really effective as this is simple and modern but also gives a very 80’s vibe with the dip dye and colours.
I really like the pink floyd one, this is very modern which is great as it has been around for years but its really simple and modern.


Why did I do this research??

I did this research to gain a good understanding of what logo work was already out there, I also think its always good to gain some research before starting the sketching stage of my process.

Sources –

Pink Floyd logo –  www.ranker.com
Little Mix – www.wearebaby.com
Metallica – www.creativebloq.com
Coldplay album logo – en.wikipedia.org
Will – I – Am – www.trademarkia.com

(2) Develop a deeper understand and evolution of solutions to a design brief that encompass set criteria.


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