Today we chose a celebrity out of a hat, I wanted to get someone different as I think getting a singer or fashion designer or something like this wouldn’t really challenge me.
I chose…………..


I thought this was a funny choice, I love him as a comedian and think he’s hilarious.
I’m quite looking forward to branding him, I think it could be a lot of fun and maybe give me something very different in my portfolio as previously my work has been very serious.
I think this could be quite light hearted and kitch which I’m looking forward to challenging myself too.
Page of sketch book.jpg

I have done a bit of research into him as I wanted to find out more about him personally as Keith Lemon is actually a character played by Leigh Francis.

“According to Francis, Lemon’s background is that of a failed businessman who was most successful in 1993, when he won the prestigious Businessman of the Year award for his innovative creation, the “securi-pole”.He is also the son of the famous singer Billy Ocean, as established on Celebrity Juice by having a “DMA” test undertaken on them both during the show on 24 April 2016. In that same episode, Lemon discovered that Chris Kamara was his half-brother.

Francis has admitted that he hates the fake moustache that he has to wear whilst in character and removes it as soon as filming is finished.”

Source : Wikipedia

This story is actually of Keith lemon the character rather than the story of leigh.
This is really interesting to see and I’m sure this will help me a lot during thinking of ideas.

Keith Lemon Imagery – http://ojicreative.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/keith-lemon-12.jpg

(3) Applied the practice of thorough and relevant research as an aid to the development of individual creativity.


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