Branding Brief

“Branding is a common requirement for graphic designers and there’s far more to branding than designing a quick logo. The aims of this assessment are to afford you the opportunity to develop your design and typography via the field of branding. During this module you will explore what a brand is and how that is developed visually as a means to represent a person or company’s values.

You are to develop the branding of a given celebrity.  The aim of the project is to design a branding that will project a positive image of the given person. It is important that you create your branding in a way that you believe the celebrity would wish to be portrayed rather than how you feel about them.

You must research around the topic of branding and personal promotion with a view to demonstrating the key concepts regarding branding.

Typography must, of course, be well considered throughout.”

Having thoroughly read through the brief and taken notes, I have started thinking about the sort of research I would like to do for this project and also the sort of outcome I might want to create, something I definitely consider when reading a brief is how this brief will restrict me upon creating outcomes, if I have have a certain idea about how I want to create it I think about this in more detail to enable me to decipher whether this will stick to my brief and complete the project effectively for the client.
Something I am trying to practice is taking the time to really get my head around a brief before starting my research and outcomes as occasionally you get a very loose link from your client and are forced to understand a brief and look deeper so this is something I am trying to include into my practice and will keep coming back to the brief when making decisions about the brand I am creating.

1) An increased awareness of the constraints of a design brief.

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