Type in double page spreads

Having started to plan my spreads I would like to try and really look into type faces and how I would like to use typography to help me to portray the message of my double page spreads and also to fit with the theme of the magazine and genre that I choose.
Having looked at some effective double page spreads I wanted to gain some understanding for the most commonly used typefaces and decide whether this is effective or something that I might like to use in my finals.
Having looked into popular magazines such as vogue,cosmopolitan,Marie Claire,grazier etc I wanted to look mainly into women’s magazines as this is what Im most interested in although I may have a look at some interior design magazines because this is something Im really interested in and think it could be really effective to show my style.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 21.14.57.png
Double page spread .jpg

This is a very traditional example of a gossip magazine double page spread, The typography is also very typical of a gossip magazine, a serif typeface is very widely used as it is easy to read and looks modern and sophisticated, This is something I would consider using as I think the minimalist and modern look would be effective for something within fashion or interiors.


I have started looking at some type that I felt fitted this genre.
I noticed that they mainly they have thick stems and small counters and thick bowl lines also with chunky serifs but also keeping it simple and modern with the thin lines .
This is the sort of type face I would like to use if I decide to go with this genre mainly because it creates the focus on the story and the imagery rather than the typeface itself meaning that the type is just there to serve a purpose rather than to stand out majorly, You can still highlight certain areas by having large and or bolder text in areas.



I have started looking at typefaces used in car magazines, This one is very different to gossip magazines, I think the reason is because each car is very different with different selling points therefore different typefaces are used to give different effects to the audience, For instance, the first Double page spread shown shows a very art nouveau typeface shown to make the car look very slick and sophisticated, the second one is made to look very functional, Modern and fast, this is really effective and simplistic.
Most of the car magazines I have looked at include a san serif font, I think this is because they are trying to show a slick and modern feel to represent the cars, also a lot of them look like they connote speed and performance, This is something I will try to consider with my finals.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 21.08.55.png
As you can see I have looked at a large variation of typefaces as I feel this really depends on what I want to base it on but I will refine this once I have more research behind my idea and have developed the idea further.

Interior design .jpg

Interior design and fashion magazines are very similar, You would use a very simplistic and modernist typeface as the focus would be on the imagery.
Although you could use the type face or colour of typography to help you portray part of the theme of the ritual, Such as this particular one is about glass there for they have used a colour chosen from the swatch colours in the photography to highlight the word glass to the audience to connote what the article is about.



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