Double page spread – Themes

I have started looking at some different themes to base my double page spread on,I love fashion magazine and I think this could work very nicely, Knowing I need to create four I think I might do two in a series and do two separate themes, I think I might do two on travel and two on pop culture or fashion, I am thinking this could be quite difficult mainly because it will be difficult to get my own imagery for it, In fashion magazines it tends to be  images of models and fashion items and this would be hard to create myself.
I could do gossip or something like that, I have made a list of magazine genres to look into.

Health and Beauty
Hobbies (fishing, cars etc)
pop culture
Car magazines

When it comes to these I was not to sure what I would do, I like the idea of having 2 different themes with two double page spreads per theme.
I would really like to if I get the chance to do a different genre for all of them as I feel this would show a good variation in my portfolio and also show my skills across a wide range of applications and practices, Something I am also interested in is cars so I feel this might show a good variation within my design techniques and typography use.

I think I will use, Travel and I would like to create one for a fashion or gossip genre, I will also look into doing some sort of car magazine or maybe interior design.
I will be looking into these through my research.


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