Double Page Spread Inspiration

This is a gossip and music magazine, I would class this as pop culture. I feel this particular double page spread is very effective, I think the black and white theme is very subtle and very effective, within pop culture and fashion and this is  followed through into graphic design,simplicity and minimalism is SO fashionable in all three industries and something that really has intrigued me in my recent projects. I am really keen to follow this theme.  I have also noticed a lot in recent design research especially on double page spreads is the type being left aligned and stacked, This is something I have noticed within the titles of other fashion magazine and works well, It saves on space and makes the imagery the focus of the spread, This is also something that fits with the simplicity theme, It means that there is not a great big title splurged across the top of the page as there is in the next piece I will be critiquing to show contrast this will help me to weigh up the pros and cons of these 2 layouts.

Florence and the machine DPS .jpg

I do not feel this is a successful double page spread personally, Firstly I think that the stacked titles work much more effectively, You can make a title stand out without placing it right across the top of the page, Having said that I do like the use of the quotation underneath the title although this could be done more effectively or even in the same stacked way as my preferred magazine cover.
I also like the use of the bold quotation/snippet in the body of text itself I think this helps to draw the eye and give the audience a feel of the theme before reading it as audiences tend to read the larger/bolder text first of all.
As you can see the same typeface style has been used in the titles therefore giving the same modern feel, I also like the colour but feel this does take away from the imagery colours etc and makes the title the focus of the piece but this may have been the designers intention in making the piece.


Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 06.09.06.png Pop Culture magazine.

I think this double page spread is lovely, I think its really effective and inspiring. I think the colour scheme works really well with the theme of the article, I like the minimal text and the unconventional paragraph of text below the title.
I am not entirely sure how I feel about the hyphenated title, This is not the first time I have seen this in spreads, Im not really to sure what the purpose of it is, I could understand it if there was maybe an emphasis being made on one part of the word but this one does not appear to be like that, There is a possibility that this could have been designed like this to line up better with the paragraph below as the word after would have hung of the edges, I also feel as if this does compliment the angle of which the models body is at, Her hip is slightly to the left and this is where the text is most heavy,Also the title starts at about shoulder height on the model so it would reflect the line of the figure quite nicely.

After dark

Double page spread (DPS) fashion magazine editorial. Photographed by Atif AbuSamra for After Dark Gucci editorial for Velvet Magazine.

evero mag .jpg
Every Summer LookBook – Pinterest 

I think this is a really interesting example.
The imagery is definitely the focus, this is really effective especially for look books and travel based magazines,It means that the audiences knowledge is based firstly on the imagery and then backed up with the text, When it comes to type being the focal point and titles it is the other way round and the imagery just usually suggests the theme of the piece and then you read further to understand what its about, I think I prefer the use of imagery to describe this, It makes it more visual and interesting, I like the use of the type in this piece just using the title, subtitle and simple small bodies of text and then you have the second page with more type on but still based on tables, Infographics, captions and images and subtitles.


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