Summer Spreads – Brief Thoughts

 Over the summer please complete four double-page spreads about any topic(s) that you like. They can be about the same topic or different ones.

You should use mostly your own imagery and wording, but can supplement this with found images and texts. Please make sure that you reference this clearly in your sketchbook or within the spreads as appropriate.

You should get your format for the page measurements from a magazine of your choice and then present the spreads as mock ups within the magazine. No A sizes will be accepted!

You should regard these spreads as portfolio pieces.

Having read the brief I have decided the first thing I will do is look into different magazines and try to find some magazines that capture my interests.I would like to use only my own photography and copy to insure its original and exactly what I want.
I really want to chose a magazine and a topic that I am passionate about.
I would like to look at some fashion, photography and interiors magazines.
I will then get together my sizing and work out what the basic guidelines are for the pages of my magazine then move on to gathering my photography. I will make some thumbnails sketches using my discoveries during the research and think about how I could design this to be cohesive with my chosen magazine.


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