Things To Consider..

01. Produce something which can be shown easily in your portfolio and if possible make the real thing.

This was the first thing on the list that was there to consider, If I am honest I was VERY unsure on this brief because its not something I felt could go into my portfolio although if I do this in a creative enough way I’m sure it can be very interesting and work nicely.
I could do this in any different media, I do not think for me illustration could be a very useful technique,I feel id would like to be more interesting than that, I want to do something really creative and different, I don’t just want to do a boring old headstone.

02. You should consider your own attitude to death and societies. We are a lot less religious now, many do not believe in judgement or eternal life after death. You can research.

Personally I am not religious at all and Im not really sure on my beliefs when it comes to death I would like to think there is something after death but not sure what I believe at the moment, Its not something I am very open about to be hens, When I heard about this project it freaked me out a bit to be honest and I was not so keen on it but I thought I would throw myself into it and make it more about how I felt about death, this is something I will explore in my research.

03. Your own ego and the vanity of ‘man’ -do you want to be remembered forever as a wonderful human being? Or would you rather your memory fades with the destruction of your body?

Although again this is not something I have thought about to much although I do feel as if there is something to be said for people to remember the memories they have had with you rather than yourself as a”wonderful human being”. I think this is why people have pictures at there funerals etc of them with there families on holidays and other memories with there loved ones and I think i would hope this is what people would remember me as, I would like to think people would remember the silly jokes I have made and the laughs they have had with me rather that me as a person.

04. The taboo of death, how people nowadays go to hospital to die pumped full of pain killers and not necessarily naturally at home with their family.

Personally I think when it comes to death a lot of people are scared of it and also scared of the people they will leave behind and how much it can hurt people you leave behind, I almost think its better for it to happen in a non painful and quick way and not to drag it out. I do also think that there is something to be said for passing away somewhere other than your home, Not only for yourself but for your family, I don’t think I would like to pass away and there be a room in the house where you have died, Thats not nice for your family but also think when your time is up it is up.


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