Gravestones and Memorials through history

Having looked at some more historic gravestones it shows me that most of them have got engraved type in the stone. I really like the look of this but I want something really modern and different, I am thinking about how I could do this without having a boring old piece of stone with my name on and also I would like it to have an impact, I feel like because I am a designer and this is how people will remember me I want something creative and something thats not the same as everything else around.
I think some of these are quite interesting, A lot of these would have taken a very long time to be hand engraved and this makes it amazing artistry.
I want to look at what type faces might be in this.

Firstly something you will always notice is they are always serif fonts, You will never see a san serif font being engraved into stone, This is what a serif was first invented for.

I have had a look at these fonts because they are very similar to the fonts in the gravestones and I feel like I could possibly use something slightly different as I want it to be very unique and not what you would expect, To me I would think of a italic and possibly calligraphy when it comes to sad things like death and love etc, I feel like fonts like this are quite straight forward and look quite sinister in my pinion I think I would like mine to be more lighthearted and creative.


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