Development of idea

My initial idea was to have the link for the website but then I had the idea to make it even more interactive, I actually already made a wooden plaque with the link on it.
I did this in photoshop with an effect, I have already made the webpage on wix which I will show in my next blog and show my type choices etc in this.
I designed the lettering and link first in illustrator then brought it over to photoshop as a smart object and edited it into a wooden engraving mock up that I found the instructions for online.
Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 22.53.10Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 22.23.03

I wasn’t happy with this so came up with another idea, My idea was to have it as a wooden plaque mainly because I like the idea of the website lasting forever and the plaque only being temporary, You would be able to find the website anyway even without the plague.
I then came up with the idea of having a QR code that made it interactive and people can scan and take them straight to the website but I liked the idea of doing it on the wood.
I did the same process with the QR code and created it in illustrator and then moved it over.

I tried loads of different typefaces to be able to get the most effective one.I looked into using a celtic typeface but I felt this looked to thick and hard to read and also felt as if my research had shown me that the calligraphy/script looked more effective, I tried a typical roman font but felt this looked to ordinary and did not work as well.I was really happy with the delicate feel of the script typeface, This is my final QR Code design with the typeface I chose.I will also be reflecting this delicate theme for my website and include pictures of my memories with my family and friends as I know this is what I would like to be remembered by.

Final for memorial


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