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Within my research I found a really effective example of a song lyric that was warped into a photograph, I thought this was really clever and I hadn’t thought about making this a homage to the artist of the song, I came up with the idea to put the quote in a silhouette of the artist, this is something I thought could be done with the quote “excuse me while I kiss the sky” – Jimi Hendrix, I thought this would be the best to do this with as Jimi Hendrix is well known for his massive hair so you would still notice who it is although I feel as if this would still not be clear enough what the silhouette is, I thought maybe I could incorporate some clouds or a sky to represent the quote,I feel this quote is actually more appropriate now that Jimi Hendrix has passed away so this could be perceived as him being in heaven instead of being on drugs.I think this quote is lovely anyway, I think its very dreamy and cheerful.
The other ways I thought about doing it is the have a photograph of him coming from the side filled with the quote over and over again but I got rid of this idea quite quickly as I realised that I wanted the quote to be slightly more prominent, I will work with this idea in photoshop mainly because I am working with a photograph rather than an illustration so feel as if illustrator is unnecessary.


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