Memorial Project


When you die, people think that all that is left is just some kind of gravestone, I would say its less than that, its the piece of typography that is written on the gravestone, that is the actual reminder of you. All of your life summed up in a little piece of twirly type. With that in mind I would like you to produce some kind of typographic memorial that sums up your life for when you die. /// This project is as difficult or as easy as you make it, but make it interesting for yourself as this project is about you and your points of view on life.

01. Produce something which can be shown easily in your portfolio and if possible make the real thing.
02. You should consider your own attitude to death and societies. We are a lot less religious now, many do not believe in judgement or eternal life after death. You can research.
03. Your own ego and the vanity of ‘man’ -do you want to be remembered forever as a wonderful human being? Or would you rather your memory fades with the destruction of your body?
04. The taboo of death, how people nowadays go to hospital to die pumped full of pain killers and not necessarily naturally at home with their family.
05. Look at different ways gravestones/memorials have been tackled have tackled through history.
06. That this project is very much within the area of typography, so although its very free make sure that there is an element of typographic investigation in the final piece.
08. That it can be something as simple as a conventional gravestone with beautiful typography, or something extremely complex. It should most of all reflect you.

I will be completing this brief by insuring that I firstly look into everything that is on this list and then I will be creating my memorial to fit with the finds I have within my research, I will be insuring by memorial is VERY different and really creative.

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