Quote final .jpg

This is my final and I am really happy with it, This was inspired by other lyric quotes.I looked into type history to gain more knowledge of how I should be working with type and also to look into the processes there where before we could just use a digital typeface.First of all I did try some other processes such as hand rendered, digitally illustrated and editing existing typefaces.I really became interested in one particular which was a warped typeface inside of the artist, this was something I hadn’t initially thought of, When it came to song lyrics I only thought about having different pictures in the background possibly relating to the theme of the quote.After looking at a lot of song lyrics and quotes I found this one which I loved “excuse me while I kiss the sky” this was is the song purple haze by Jimi Hendrix, Although this song about drugs which I do understand is not the best thing to portray within my design but I believe this quote sounds more magical and sarcastic than anything, I think it is very interesting and had a lovely feel to it so I don’t think this is something that it will interfere with the communication of the piece.
Having focused heavily on the type of this piece I experimented with a lot of type faces for this final, I tested many of different ones such as serif and san serif, Italic and regular and also tried to include some themed typefaces but I ended up realising that not only did I want something very clear and legible but I wanted something that really communicated the theme of the lyrics and song itself effectively, After listening to the song over and over again I felt like the song is a large statement so I wanted the typeface to be something strong and powerful, therefore 100% realised I wanted to capitals and also very bold and work well with the image peeping through, I adjusted the type a lot, I changed the spacing not only between the letters but also between the lines I made this space a lot smaller as I felt for this piece that the lines should be very tight together to get the feel of it being a reflection of the face, I am now happy with the type as it is.
Although I used a found image from this link http://26.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kuz3sd5bab1qa6o7ho1_500.jpg.
This was the best face on image I could find and the photo quality is fine although I excepted that all images of him would be old so not amazing quality.
I am really happy with the final outcome as I feel it looks really clean and creative but is also very easy to read. The only thing I would possibly change is the fact the the middle line is very harsh and this is only something I noticed after printing, I wish I had made it slightly more blending or fogged out although this could have interfered with the image itself.I feel my skills with type have really developed due to the research and also just working with type and worked out how to choose the correct typefaces, I think the main thing I have learned is how to notice small mistakes and have the skills/knowledge to fix them effectively although this is something some people wouldn’t notice it is these small changes that we need to be able to perfect our work.


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