Back to the drawing board ~ Research

Song Lyrics.

I have done some further research into song lyrics as I was not happy with the outcome for a quote so I thought I would go right back to the drawing board.
I am going to look at different styles of work that uses song lyrics.


I think this is a brilliant example, I like the way they use colour and the downwards arrows to create the feel of the song lyric, It makes you feel the emotion of the song and communicates it well to the audience,I also like the way they have the song and the artist very small in the corner so that it does not interfere with the artwork, I also like the way it has the watercolour effect, Im not sure whether this has been done with watercolours or whether it just has that effect from photoshop etc but I really like the way this works.

Song Lyrics

I really like these lyrics, I like the fact it has a creative layout communicates the feel of the rainbow stripe down the side works nicely to carry o the overall theme of presenting something different and creative which is essentially what the quote is about so just helps to communicate it.Song Lyric

I LOVE this example, I think it is really effective although not amazingly legible, This is something that might be interesting to try and create with my own final, I want to really focus on making the type firstly compliment but then also to make it very easily read and insure that it is still serving it’s purpose,I might try and come up with something that will make these 2 elements meet, I like the fact this one credits the artist as well as showing the theme of the lyrics.


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