Experimenting with hand rendered type

I decided to give hand rendered type a go, I did this by drawing a average typeface on tracing paper and then I added flourishes to create something rather more interesting and wanted to find a way to make it fit with the theme.I then scanned this in and used the image trace option in illustrator to adjust point and get it to a smooth and professional standard I was happy with, Although I feel this outcome is very interesting and would look good with the quote I decided on, This would be a brilliant choice for something like a logo or branding whereby its a good thing to have a completely unique type face but for this and with me being permitted by the time scale I feel that this process is to lengthy for this particular project although doing this has made me realise that this process works well and its something I could do.
This rustic and hand-drawn effect is still something I am interested in doing this digitally and see if I can do this in photoshop but with a short time scale try and do this with the same professional effect.


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