Type History 

I wanted to look into the history of type to look at what I can take from the pas, present and future to insure when setting my type I know I am doing this as effectively as possible.  

You could go way way back when it comes to type to hireglyphs and icons although I have decided to go back to when setting type and layout became a possible, moveable type was invented my a man called Johannes Gutenberg in the fifteenth century.He create a more ledgeible type generation called “black letter” as shown above.This variation between thick and thin lines is something that I have noticed has been carried through to today’s popular hand drawn and calligraphy style typefaces, this is something I noticed when trying to create this by hand.

Later on in the 15th century we saw Nicolas Jenson create this new type, this was named a “humanist” font, in my opinion this is something that has been most influential in today’s typography, although we have type everywhere and anywhere of all shapes and sizes this is still something that is similar to the standard fonts we use in work, you can see below a comparison between a type face today (digital) and Jensons type work, this just shows the similarity between the two and how this is something we still use today in this massive world of type.

Source – http://www.thinkingwithtype.com/misc/type_lecture/Type_Lecture.pdf


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