I have started of by looking at other typography that was interesting and had presented quotes and lyrics, I wanted to also find a quote for my personal piece so I had something to work on.
Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 15.39.53.png

I really like this example as travelling is really something I am interested in in my personal life, This is something that I like to portray within my design work as it helps with my inspiration for work, I really like the way this is light hearted and also love the way it brings in illustration to compliment the type, I really like the distressed look of this and thinks it works really well,I really like the different typefaces used together, this is something that is difficult as a designer to pull off although I think this is something I might challenge myself to have an attempt at.With this quote in particular it uses serif and san serif and a variation of drop shadows and thicknesses, I think the style of the illustration works really nicely, I feel the process this work has probably used is illustration and sketching first that has then been scanned in and vectored or filled, this is something I feel works really well as a process because it makes it look very loose and lighthearted, I like the rustic look and this is something you can tidy up and enhance in illustrator and or photoshop.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 15.50.58.png

I REALLY REALLY like this example,I think this is really nicely designed and again uses different type faces although this time a slightly different style of type, there is only 2 typefaces although they compliment each other well.
I like the fact that the shape of the type reflects the quote and it makes the message portray even more strongly,I feel as if the typeface effectively portrays the theme as well.
A script is good for showing love as it is the typical love letter type,this could work for other themes also.
I like the fact that there is an image in the background although I feel the image of the man in the bottom of the heart does distract the image slightly, I would have preferred this with a landscape or a non distracting pattern behind.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 15.52.52.png

Looking at this I like the way the type is almost made into imagery to help show the message of the quote. I really like the colours and again the variation between the type faces.I also think it is really effective how the outside makes a shape and it is all inclosed into like a rectangle, This gives the layout hierarchy and makes it read much easier that if it was set differently.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 15.53.07.png

This is a really nice example, this is the sort of thing I had in mind when thinking about typographic quote, I want to include illustration when I do mine as I feel this is a really nice effect, again this includes what I was speaking about before a very loose and rustic looking,I really liked the look of the hand rendered look so this is something I will be looking to recreate in my final.

OCEAN Quote.jpg

I feel this is a very effective example of handwritten type and the way it is set is perfectly. I would be really happy if I could create something that looks as polished and have the same sort of clear layout as this.


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