Digital Type Vs Hand Rendered

Since looking into starting this brief I am having trouble deciding whether to use hand rendered type or digital,My struggle is mainly that you can find so many hand rendered looking type faces online without going to all the effort,I do truly believe that you will not always gain the same effect by doing this as you will when you create your own,For my it is important that I do make sure I keep some old fashioned practices in my work.
Most of the type I have found that I thought where polished professional where mainly digital although the hand rendered stuff was different and really made for a more unique and rustic feel which is something that was important for me, but can I create this the same with digital and just use type facers. This is something I am very confliced with when it comes to this but I do feel as if it is something I could include into the design,I am thinking it may be interesting to include a mixture of the 2.
Maybe some words that I want to stand out and be different maybe even flourished could work nicely, I might even just find a bog standard type face and edit my own flourishes on. Due to my research I did find that a lot of the work I found effective worked with some illustration so this is something I could also include.

I feel something that is important in design and type is to have something that communicates clearly and coherently and this is the main thing, the only reason I would choose to use hand lettering is for something like a logo or branding, I would do this to insure the company had something completely rare and this also makes your work stand out from other designs.


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