I started this project of the same as I start EVERY single project, By reading and analysing the brief and then by doing some very thorough research into the subject field that I will be exploring so of this particular project it was Double Page Spreads and Environment Photography.This research as usual really aided me in enabling me to create more professional and well communicated final visual. My finals where heavily influenced by the research into interesting double page spreads that I conducted therefore I found it appropriate to show a blog post showing this.
Something I was also very inclined to do with this brief was gain a lot of initial material and ideas at first, having a bank of photography is always a good thing as a designer anyway but doing this sort of broad development work is the way my design process works as it gives me a lot of options to chose from and also insures that my work is the pick of a large bunch.I did a lot of research into layout design before and after creating my finals, I firstly wanted to look at this to gain information on how I could make my piece communicate well and look professional and after to insure that my piece would fit some of these layouts and to insure I was working to a high quality standard.I was very keen to insure that my pages had a good flow to them and that they were very cohesive with each other, Something I did to insure this was to match the shapes and the layout, I used 2 columns on both pages to insure this read easily and fluidly something I also did that to use the angles of the photography to reflect a match in the second piece, As you can see in my finals the image on the first page has a building that slices across the side of the page although this image does not bleed of the page,I left a boarder to reflect the left hand page and the layout of the text and title of the intro page. The second page was built/created with the intention of matching this and making the two pages look cohesive and work well together layout wise. I wanted to also insure that the body text had a nice feel and wanted it to be very clear and legible therefore after trying the text over the image this was not an option. After creating an array of different double page spreads I selected these to as I felt they worked well together and also that they fulfilled the brief effectively as the photography and layout is the forefront of this piece and I feel this shows clearly in comparison to some of the other options I had explored where by I felt they were not to the standard I would have liked. Something that I feel is not a major strength of my final pieces is that although I did try hard to perfect the body text I am still not happy with this,This is more learning how to do this and fine tuning my skills in this particular area and this is something I will be working with specifically in the next project and hopefully perfect my skills in this area.Other than this my research has bought me to a good outcome that I feel work well along side each other and would work well for there purpose, I am happy with this final overall although there are some things I would change.


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