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Page One Intro

London, From Trafalgar Square to  Tower Bridge it is absolutely jam packed full of inspiration.From sitting by a quite lock at docklands to whizzing through the busy city in a black cab, life in London could not be more varied.Whilst weaving through the London traffic of One Canada Square, I noticed how the morning sun was sneaking through the buildings and reflecting perfectly of the windows, The blue sky peaking through the skyscrapers, Who said you can’t enjoy an english summer in Central London?
Weather you are in London to live, work or play it means something different to everyone, You can literally walk 40 metres and be in a completely different environment in London.
Different Ethnicity’s, Buildings,Sounds and vibes which means plenty of things to inspire photographers, designers and artists.

Page two article

“London is so suffocating”, this is the opinion of a lot of people but maybe they don’t see a side to London that I do. Wandering through Kew Gardens and Sitting on a bench at docklands watching the world go by you could be in a completely different city, It is so calm and tranquil.The moment I saw the cable cart I thought of the brilliant photograph opportunity that it presented, I wanted to portray London in a new way, The first and second picture where taken on two separate days, One sunny and in the heart of the city and the second on a raining day from the Emirates Air Line From Docklands to the O2 .
This was a great way to get unique imagery and also to see London from a new perspective.I used my Nikon DSLR 3600 for most of these long shots I have used manual focus.I used auto focus for the first shot shown on page 1 as it was a quick shot so I needed it to focus quickly and efficiently to capture the inspiration I felt when I saw the sun peaking through the skyscrapers.
As you can see my imagery reflects two very different weather conditions but that is London & something I am keen to reflect.The rain was almost soothing tapping on the windows of the cable car and I loved the feel of the rain unfocused in the front of the image.

This panning shot shows the variation of London in one photography, It shows the calm and serine background of the water with the private boats that people flout down the thames in, The high rise building packed in right up to the water line of the left and the flats and shops on the right, As you stare up into the sky I notice the crains representing the ever building city of London.


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