Select & Reject Imagery

After having all my imagery together these are the ones I have chosen, I judged the images on different things so that I could choose what would be most effective, I felt this was an important decision for my final piece as this was a photography magazine so this would be imperative also as a piece never looks as good unless it really well photographed and of a good quality and also insure that the editing is correct and of a good quality.

After looking at my imagery I realised despite the place I went

in the London,This best photography I had was the unspecific photography of London itself, I think it might be nice to make a double page spread on London itself, The means that I can use imagery that I gained at dockland, Billingsgate and other photography I have from London and also gives me the opportunity to focus on the photography within the pages and write about this rather than a very specific place to talk about I wanted to look at one large place and the environment can change and also how the experience of the environment can be different for different people.


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