Software Choices

Sometimes it is difficult as a designer to choose what software to use and what would be appropriate for the project itself.For this project the most important elements are the layout, text and photography. For me the most effective software will be



This is because firstly I will need to edit my imagery to get it looking really crisp until I am happy with the outcome, Photoshop is the industry standard for photo editing, It has the most effective and easy to use tools, Something I am quite partial to using in photoshop is the record feature, This is because if you are having more than one image to a piece (like my double page spread) you can input the image and edit it once and as long as you have recorded this action on the image it will repeat the action for you on any images of your choice, This is a good thing to do when you are having more that one image on a page as you will gain the same contrast and brightness on a photograph and other effects (black and white etc).

I will be using indesign as apposed to illustrator, This is because I will not be including illustration or hand lettering into my design, This is something you could do in a double page spread and this instant I would tend to use illustrator to create any illustration work and then export it into indesign to get the layout right, Indesign is the industry standard software for layout work as again this is what its intended for and the tools are perfect for this use.Something I find really useful with indesign is definitely the measurements that are clear to see (but this is also in illustrator) it is very clear when you put out grids and also enables you to have a long document with different pages so it is very useful when designing a book / double page spread or even leaflet as you can split it up and see what your layout will look like together very effectively.

I have decided to document my thought process on this as I felt it solidify in my mind how I will use my software and also remind me why and how effectively I can use this software.Also it is good to work this out as it gives me an idea of what is industry standard as I would not go out to industry and have a shock when the software I use is outdated.


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