London Before Light

Sometimes on a Saturday I work at Billingsgate market in London, Not only is the market full of hustle and bustle but its a brilliant environment although not the most glamorous. As I said before I find photography a lot more interesting when its not all shiny and perfect I think its a lot better to portray somewhere thats a really rare and different environment.
Something that really interests me about Billingsgate is the fact that its like stepping into a new world. On the way to work at 2am it is completely quiet and the world is asleep, the minute you get in the market there is people rushing around everywhere with large boxes piled high on a sack barrow running around in aprons and overalls and its like a completely different vibe, from the quiet sleeping streets of London to getting to the market which is mental and busy.This inspired me to see if I could portray this atmosphere within photography, I wanted to write my dialog for the DPS with a feel of what in photography inspires me.These are the photographs I have taken.
Im not sure how happy I am with this photography, I think some of the pictures are really different and interesting, I will try them although Im not to keen.
I like the images of the fish and some of the skylines although I want to keep it narrow and this makes for a very wide range of imagery, I almost prefer the images of the fish, I feel although its grousem its quite interesting although the sunsets make for a really beautiful image, I think I may do my DPS on Unbeautiful photography and right about how not all photography has to be pretty flowers and majestic sunsets as throughout doing this project I have come to realise that this is the case and I am finding the strange and different and almost “ugly” photography alot more interesting.


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